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               Κεραμεικου 109 - 10435 Αθήνα - Ελλάς - Kerameikou 109, 10435 Athens - Hellas - Tel & Fax : 0030 210 3420668 - 0030 - 210 3410157.

Our company with responsibility and reliability continues the for more than 50 years now the work of it’s pioneering founders. Thanks to their insight, they foresaw the important role that would have in the future the paper packaging to the forwarding and transportation of the industrial and agricultural products, Bournias & Co has a successful course.


They collaborated with the biggest and most reliable international houses who manufactured mechanical equipment and raw materials for the packaging business. Most of those collaborations continue successfully till today. The knowledge and experience accumulated all these years, in combination with the reliability, the responsiveness and the expertise of our companys human resources, compose our today’s profile.


We are in position to boast for long-term, harmonic and successful collaborations with most of the paper industry companies in Greece, Cyprus & Italy. More recent but also important collaborations are those we have in the neighbouring counties both in Europe and Asia.  


Following the developments that take place worldwide in the technological sector, we configure and upgrade accordingly the services we provide. The long-term investment program we have is successful and soon we will be transferred to our new privately owned facilities.


We would like to thank all our customers, suppliers and collaborators for the trust they have shown to us all those years. Especially we would like to thank those clients who started their activity purchasing mechanical equipment from us, trusting their fate in our hands and today they are highly developed and consist an important part of the Hellenic paper industry.


Promising that we will offer always our best self, we are looking forward to continue the upward progress of our company.